GIZ Energy Support Programme

Documents: Vietnamese-German Energy Dialogue


Documents – “Workshop on Energy Efficiency Club (EEC)”:

– Overview of VNEEP3 and the necessity of establishing energy efficiency clubs in Viet Nam: here

– Energy Efficiency and Climate Networks and the ISO 50005: here

– Energy Efficiency network (EEN) highlighted points and lesson learnt: here

Documents – “Policy framework for Renewable Energy development and Potential for Green Hydrogen in Viet Nam”:

– Agenda: here

– The German energy transition and the Vietnamese-German cooperation on energy: here

– Reaching a Net Zero Economy ?- German Pathways and Methodology: here

– Renewable Energy Laws: German and International Experiences: here

– Carbon markets, carbon pricing instruments: here

– Auction mechanisms world-wide and in Germany: Perspectives and Lessons Learned: here

– The role of hydrogen under the German governmen: here

– The Role of Green Hydrogen in Net Zero Strategies: here

– Large scale Power to X technologies: For Industry decarbonisation: here

– Assessment of green hydrogen export potential of Viet Nam: here

– Overview and update of Tra Vinh green Hydrogen manufacturing plant: here