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Since 2009, Germany’s implementing agency Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH has supported the Government of Viet Nam to achieve its political targets on the promotion of renewable energy and energy efficiency.

In 2013, the GIZ Energy Support Programme (GIZ ESP) was established as a priority area of cooperation between the two governments. The GIZ ESP is a partnership between Viet Nam’s Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) and GIZ. The programme aims to contribute to Viet Nam’s emissions reduction strategy and green growth strategy by improving the existing regulatory framework for renewable energy and energy efficiency to foster private sector investment and by increasing the professional and organizational capacities of key institutions and stakeholders.

Ongoing projects

The GIZ Energy Support Programme (GIZ ESP) continues work with its political partners to support Viet Nam to deliver its ambitious goal though varied projects:

Action areas

The GIZ ESP works – across all projects – in the following three action areas: Legal and Regulatory Framework, Capacity Development, Technology Cooperation

The simultaneous implementation of these three action areas across projects and technologies is expected to contribute to the comprehensive development of the Vietnamese energy sector.

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Action Area 1: Legal and Regulatory Framework

The GIZ ESP activities in this action area aim to reduce barriers for domestic and international investment in the Vietnamese market, provide a fair playing field for all actors in the value chain, kick-start new industry development, and make renewable energy and energy efficiency more competitive. Our activities are aimed at both policy makers as well as private sector actors in order to allow for a comprehensive mix of political incentive schemes to private investment while at the same time offering solutions for monitoring and adjustment of support measures by public authorities for a sustainable energy sector development.

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Action Area 2: Capacity Development

Vietnam is undergoing a transition to clean energy at an accelerating rate, knowledge on renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies, and know-how to develop relevant projects, also need to be expanded further. Capacity development activities for partners and stakeholders through various trainings, workshops, and study tours, etc. are in place to further build knowledge and experience.

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Action Area 3: Technology Cooperation

Technology cooperation activities have a two-fold objective: to foster technology transfer by bringing extensive experience in renewable energy and energy efficiency from Germany to Viet Nam; ii) to facilitate partnerships between universities and private companies from Viet Nam and Germany.


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