GIZ Energy Support Programme

Giz hosts webinar on heat solutions for sustainable garment


What is Process Heat and Heat Solutions? What is the current status of the industrial heat system in the garment industry? Why does the shift towards more sustainable industrial heat conversion attract the interest of many Vietnamese garment manufacturing enterprises? Are there any viable transformation technology solutions available today?

These concerns were illustrated among the main discussed topics in a series of webinars ‘Sustainable process heat solutions for garment and textile manufacturers’, which took place during the process from 14 to 19 March, 2024.

GIZ’ s Project Development Programme (PDP) and Initiative for Global Solidarity (IGS) jointly organised the technical webinars, addressing managers, boiler operators and other technical staff of textile, garment, footwear and handbag manufacturing enterprises across the entire territory of Viet Nam.

More than 200 people attended the webinars. The many questions from the participants illustrated the great interest in the topics from the participants, focusing on the significant improvement of boiler performance and operational efficiency, conversion costs and greenhouse gas emissions that demonstrate a greater concern regarding sustainable development in the garment industry, paving the path for a sustainable life standard in the upcoming future of Vietnam.

These events are part of the ‘Sustainable industrial heat solutions for textile enterprises’ initiative which is a joint effort by GIZ ESP and its partner the Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action, being implemented in Viet Nam.

The initiative supports the garment enterprises to switch from coal and CO2-intensive fuel towards more sustainable process heat systems for consolidated development, e.g. heat pump, electric boiler and biomass, with an significant aim to reduce GHG emissions in the manufacturing process. This initiative enormously fosters collaboration and shared responsibility between international fashion brands, their strategic suppliers in Viet Nam as well as other relevant stakeholders to speed up decarbonization in textile supply chain.