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Vietnamese Delegation highlights from the Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue (BETD) 2024


Last week, GIZ ESP accompanied Vietnamese key stakeholders to BETD for the third consecutive year, fostering connections with policymakers, industry leaders, and academics from Germany and beyond. Here are the key takeaways:

  • Global exchange: BETD facilitated discussions on energy policies, innovations, and financing crucial for a #sustainable #energytransition. Efforts were highlighted to overcome regulatory barriers, diversify supply chains, and promote sustainable business models for a seamless shift to clean energy across various sectors.
  • Gender Equality: Achieving gender equality in the energy sector requires enhancing conditions and opportunities. This entails providing increased access to education and recruitment to encourage greater female participation. The Viet Nam Energy Women Network connected with international female leaders in the field, fostering exchange and learning to promote women’s participation and leadership.
  • Carbon sourcing for Power-to-X: It is crucial to establish a regulatory framework for sustainable hydrogen and carbon production, considering country-specific factors such as available carbon sources, existing infrastructure and economic viability.

The delegation explored the Siemens Energy green hydrogen electrolysis stacks production and learned that despite an increasing number of green hydrogen (GH2) projects, more form regulations – such as GH2 blending quotas – are needed to develop a GH2 market at scale.

A visit at ENERTRAG’s Uckermark hybrid power plant showcased the feasibility of a sustainable replacement of traditional power plants. Participants also got valuable insights into green hydrogen production from wind energy as well as surplus electricity storage.

Accompanying discussions highlighted the necessity of incentivizing PV and battery expansion, while underlining BESS’s role in enhancing grid flexibility and #renewableenergy integration, drawing on lessons from Germany.

The study tour was participated by the Vietnamese representatives of the Central Economic Committee (CEC), State Agency for Technology and Innovation of the Ministry of Science and Technology, the national electricity utility EVN as well as the Vietnam Energy Women Network. Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Trung, CEC’s Deputy Director of Industry Department, valued the trip for fostering cooperation and looked forward to further collaboration between Vietnamese and German companies.


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