GIZ Energy Support Programme

Viet Nam’s opportunities for green hydrogen development


Mr. Vo Thanh Tung – an energy expert from the GIZ Energy Support Programme (ESP) shared the Viet Nam’s advantages for green hydrogen production: “Viet Nam has great potential for development of solar power and onshore/offshore wind power. Therefore, Viet Nam has opportunities to produce green hydrogen to supply both domestic and foreign markets, as well as to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote the future development of the green hydrogen industry”.

Besides, there are still challenges for Viet Nam in terms of technologies, manpower and financial issues while transitioning to energy using hydrogen. Sharing the solutions, Mr. Vo Thanh Tung emphasized: “It is important that the government should have a clear strategy, roadmap and goals, along with appropriate regulatory mechanism, in both short terms and long terms to encourage domestic and foreign investors to participate in production and infrastructure development for the growth of hydrogen local and international markets. Furthermore, Viet Nam should have studies on applications of suitable green credit mechanism and green financing instruments to reduce capital costs and risks for the investors”.

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