GIZ Energy Support Programme

Project Development Clinic on Wind Power


The Project “Support to the Up-scaling of Wind Power of the MOIT/GIZ Energy Support Programme” has just established a new service – the “Project Development Clinic” (PDC) which is dedicated to provide concrete advice to local wind project developers on the entire value chain.

We can provide support, for example in the areas of:

•             Feasibility study of a wind project: checking for overall completeness of documents

•             Check long-term correction and uncertainty assessments (P75, P90), review of Net annual energy production (AEP) incl. all losses, overall modelling approaches, the quality and bankability of data, validate the accuracy of completed or ongoing wind measurements, etc;

•             Contact to service providers in the entire project development process (site assessments, legal and tendering aspects)

•             Advice related to procurement, e.g. of wind turbine equipment, support in preparation or evaluation of tenders;

•             Contact to investors/financing partners in the wind energy sector;

•             And many other aspects of wind power project development.

Our support is free of charge. If you wish to take advantage, we would only require insight into the respective documents and data. Where you provide such information, we will ensure to keep it strictly confidential, also further backed, where desired by non-disclosure agreements. The services rendered to you are part of the Support to the Up-scaling of Wind Power project, and more specifically its Capacity Development component, implemented by GIZ and its consultant, Lahmeyer International. Lahmeyer International is a leading international engineering firm, specialized in wind power, amongst other areas of expertise in the energy sector.

We hope that the Project Development Clinic would become a reliable and regular source of support to you and we look forward to receiving your questions. Kindly find attached more information in a short flyer and the enquiry form. Please do send enquiries to Mr. Roland Ries ( and Mr. Nguyen Ba Hai ( We will do our best to respond to your requests and enquiries as soon as possible.