GIZ Energy Support Programme

Launch of the Wind Power Development Clinic


Under the Support to the Up-Scaling of Wind Power project, the component “Capacity Development for Wind Power Project Development and Financing” has established the Wind Power Project Development Clinic.

The Development Clinic is a knowledge base and technical support facility which aims to provide advice on wind power projects development to local developers and financial institutions. Participants of our trainings and workshops, as well as members of the BTWEA, can benefit from a free-of-charge access to the Clinic via a simple contact by email.

We submit the questions we receive to our network of wind experts in Viet Nam and Germany and provide quick and comprehensive responses on topics including:

  • Siting, planning and permit issues: we provide evidence from international case studies
  • Wind measurements issues: we advise on the specifications of measurements for bankable requirements, and we review suspicious wind data
  • Projects documentation: we respond to any specific question related to the preparation of bankable feasibility studies or tender specifications for wind turbines 

To send an inquiry to our Clinic, please fill in the form available here and send it via email with all relevant documents attached to

GIZ ensures that all documents, information and data sent to the Clinic are kept confidential. However, we cannot be held responsible if any documents or data becomes public via another source than our organization and experts. 

For smoother communication with our experts, and to ensure full comprehension of the requests, we prefer inquiries to be sent in English. Inquiries in Vietnamese might lead to a longer response time.

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