GIZ Energy Support Programme

Introducing the book “Viet Nam energy transition – opportunities and challenges”


The Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Project (4E) in collaboration with the Party Central Committee’s Economic Commission completed and introduced the book “Viet Nam’s Energy Transition – Opportunities and Challenges”.

The publication addresses the topic of energy transition in Viet Nam based on the research results of “Study on Energy Transition in association with efficient and sustainable energy infrastructure development for socio-economic development in Viet Nam to 2030 with a vision to 2045”. The studies in the scheme were contributed by the local and international leading energy experts and completed within the framework of the EU – Viet Nam Energy Facility (EVEF). It is also part of the 4E Project Phase II implemented by GIZ.

Designed as a specialized reference book, it synthesizes international experiences, thereby, proposes policy recommendations on energy transition for Viet Nam. The six-chapter book introduces readers to analysis and evidence from pioneering countries in the energy transition, highlighting the message: the successful implementation of strategies to limit carbon emissions in the long term and achieving the net-zero target by 2050 will bring many economic and environmental benefits to Viet Nam.

The bilingual version of the book is under completion and will be released soon in the coming time.

To read the Vietnamese version, please follow the link:…/Sach%20tham%20khao%20Chuyen…