GIZ Energy Support Programme

GIZ training on “green hydrogen & power to x (PtX)” in Da Nang


During the 3 days from 29 June to 1 July 2022, the GIZ Energy Support Programme organized a training program “Green hydrogen & Power to X (PtX)” in Da Nang. The training aims at providing students with specialized knowledge about the Green hydrogen industry, known as Power to X (PtX), as well as policies and practical experiences to boost the hydrogen industry in Viet Nam.

There are 24 trainees participating the training, who are representatives from the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT), the Ministry of Planning and Investment, the Viet Nam Electricity (EVN), Viet Nam Oil & Gas Group (Petrovietnam or PVN), Institute of Energy, Hanoi University of Science and Technology as well as enterprises in the energy sector. The meeting was held virtually and in person, and was lectured by Michael Rommic and Prof. Dr. Christoph Menke, Professor for Energy Systems, Technology and Economics of Trier University of Applied Sciences in Germany.

During the first 2 days, the trainees were equipped with the knowledge divided into 7 modules, which cover various topics about Green hydrogen (PtX) industry such as production of renewable PtX, Green hydrogen economy, infrastructure for developing Green hydrogen, markets for renewable PtX, required policies, regulations and sustainability criteria on climate and environment, v.v.

The event revealed that the Green hydrogen industry and hydrogen-based synthetic fuel production plays an important role in the energy transition process, helping the world and Viet Nam achieve Net Zero by 2050. Hydrogen is mainly an energy carrier and an efficient energy storage. The participants were also introduced to how to differentiate Green hydrogen from grey hydrogen. While grey hydrogen is produced from fossil fuel and releases CO2 into the atmosphere, Green hydrogen is produced via hydrogen electrolysis from renewable energy and C02-free. In addition, depending on hydrogen production technology and used material sources, hydrogen will be specified into different colors such as yellow, blue, black and red.

Moreover, the course also provided the trainees with in-depth knowledge on Power to X technology. PtX technology enables renewable energy sources to produce materials and derivatives in different forms such as gas as Hydrogen, liquid as Ammonia or a synthetic fuel as Kerosene. Thanks to the PtX technology, materials and derivatives can be transported and traded through supply chains globally. PtX technology creates the necessary energy carrier to achieve indirect electrification of“hard-to decarbonize”  sectors, helping Viet Nam achieve Net Zero targets by 2050.

As part of the discussion, the representative from Institute of Energy shared with the participants  the role of Green hydrogen in the National Power Development Plan (PDP VIII). PDP VIII has set great ambition on the use of Green hydrogen and ammonia to produce electricity by partial mixing with natural gas or with coal in coal-fired power plants and CCGTs in future to reduce CO2 emissions. In addition, Green hydrogen is also used for the backup of flexible coal-fired power plants to ensure system reliability and operational backup for wind and solar power.
On the last working day, the participants had the opportunity to visit Dung Quat Oil Refinery Plant. The management board and its staff shared practical experience in operating the plant, as well as the applications of hydrogen in production. In the afternoon session, the participants were divided into different working groups and presented about various topics such as national strategy for Green hydrogen and PtX, challenges for development of hydrogen and PtX, as well as the appropriate conditions for this industry development.

The training “Green hydrogen & Power-to-X” is the second training course by GIZ about hydrogen. In the coming time, GIZ is expected to have more capacity building courses on Green hydrogen and PtX targeting various groups, contributing to the future sustainable development of this industry.