GIZ Energy Support Programme

The training program “Practice on Rooftop Solar Power Installation in Vietnam”


Within the framework of the cooperation program between the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Project (4E), Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit, GmbH (GIZ) and Vietnam Electricity (EVN) implemented a series of activities. These activites are aimed at enhancing the capacity of installation technicians for the growing rooftop solar market in Vietnam.

The training program “Practice on Rooftop Solar Power Installation in Vietnam” held from 4 April to 8 April, 2022 at the Electricity College of Ho Chi Minh City. Participating in the event were 16 lecturers from three Electricity Colleges under the Vietnam Electricity (EVN), and 4 technical staff from the Northern, Central and Southern Power Corporations. The program is coordinated by instructors from Syntegra Solar and the RENAC Renewable Energy Academy.

The goal of the webinar and training program is to support practical training of skills on rooftop solar power system. The subjects of this training course are the lecturers of the three Northern Electricity Colleges, the Central Electricity College and the Electricity College based in Ho Chi Minh City . At the same time, the program also introduces effective teaching methods, thereby contributing to improving students’ guiding skills when teaching in the future.

During the 5 days of training, trainees were instructed to inspect and evaluate solar cells, analyze the impact of shade on the system’s performance, as well as be introduced to errors, encounter ways to handle errors in the installation and operation of rooftop solar power system. Health and safety requirements and regulations during the installation of the system are also covered in the course. In particular, the trainees will have the opportunity to visit the rooftop solar power system in Dong Nam Industrial Park, Cu Chi District, Ho Chi Minh City.

The series of events in 2022 is a continuation of 02 online training programs that were successfully held in 2021 to equip theoretical knowledge about solar power systems, components and panels.

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