GIZ Energy Support Programme

The GIZ (ESP) organized a press meeting to exchange information with journalists on energy topics


On June 30th, 2022, the GIZ Energy Support Programme (ESP) organized a press meeting which aims to exchange information and discuss with journalists on energy topics. This was also an opportunity for ESP’s members to express our gratitude to the journalists who have supported The programme in the previous years. The press meeting was honored to welcome over 20 journalists from prestigious press agencies in Ha Noi.

During the press meeting, senior project officers introduced positive impacts of completed projects (smart grid project, wind project,…), and activities of on-going projects (4E project, BEM project, rooftop solar project…). New topics that ESP would continue to support the Government of Vietnam in the near future were also shared: hydrogen, energy transition, agrivoltaics…

The Q&A session afterward was very informative and interesting. Below are some notable issues discussed by journalists and with speakers:

– Among various types of renewable energy: offshore wind, onshore wind, solar power, rooftop solar power, hydrogen, liquefied petroleum gas (LNG)…. which ones should Vietnam focus to invest in?

– Should Viet Nam continue to develop ground-mounted solar? Do we have enough land? Why rooftop solar is not encouraged while infrastructure is in place, and what policies are required to successfully develop rooftop solar power?

– Grid integration for solar farms; electricity load dispatch issue…

– Biomass energy has not been developed to match its potential

– Energy Efficiency is the first fuel. How should Viet Nam consider the nuclear power topic and how to ensure energy security for the country?

We would like to send our sincere thanks to the journalists who participated in the press meeting of the GIZ Energy Support Program, and we look forward to always receiving the support from the press in the coming time

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