GIZ Energy Support Programme

Consultation Workshop of Project “Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency” in Ho Chi Minh City


On 25th November in Ho Chi Minh City, the project “Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency” under framework of MOIT/GIZ Energy Support Programme, implements Consultation Workshop on Review, assessment of energy audit procedures on energy efficiency as well as legal documents and survey on capacities of  Energy Service Providers.

Objectives and Contents of the Workshop:

  • Revise and supplement the legal documents in energy efficiency;
  • Improve the energy audit procedure by undertaking a stock-taking and review of the results of previous energy audits;
  • Carry out a survey on the capacities of existing local Energy Service Providers (ESPs);
  • Panel discussion on finding solutions to improve quality of energy audits, develop the market for energy audit services. The barriers to invest in Energy Efficiency measures will also be identified and figure out how to overcome.

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