GIZ Energy Support Programme

Training on development of Pre-feasibility studies for biomass energy plants in sugar industry


The Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH in Viet Nam starts the ”Training on Development of Pre-feasibility Studies for Biomass Energy Plants in the Sugar Industry”. The Training will happen in 4 days from 28th November to 2nd December and the focus is on Local Consulting Companies (LCCs). The Training workshop belongs to the component on ”Climate Finance Readiness” (CF Ready) and falls under the framework of the German Technical Development Cooperation project ”Renewable Energy and Energy Efficicency” (4E Project). CF Ready is implemented in 3 countries including Vietnam from 2015 to 2018, comissioned by the German Federal Ministry of Economic Development and Cooperation (BMZ) and cofunded by USAID and the Ministry of Natural Resources & Environment of Czech Republic.

One key factor to develop a sustainable bioenergy market in Vietnam is the capacities of key stakeholders. Realizing the critical importance of this, GIZ 4E has been putting emphasis on capacity building activities, which draw strongly upon international standards of engineering and sound operational experience in biomass to energy conversion. These standards and experiences are essential to ensure the bankability of the project for financial closure and secure a high technical reliability and economic performance of bioenergy projects during implementation. The 4-days Training of CF Ready component is in activity sequences to achieve above objectives.

The Training aims at local consulting companies, who already have experiences in building pre-feasibility studies, developing projects as well as providing related technical advisory services to thermal and renewable power plants in Vietnam. The target of the Training is to improve the capacity of consulting companies’ staffs in providing technical advisory services, particularly building specific pre-feasibility studies follow international standards for grid-connected biomass energy projects. Consultants from Germany built content of the Training based on the result of capacity assessment of each company in line with experience, practical ability and specific requirements of the company. GIZ 4E carefully selected each local constulting company according to assess,emt criteria in order to ensure the quality of the training. After completing the training, the local consulting companies will be selected again to apply the knowledge to build few pre-feasibility studies for biomass energy plants of sugar companies in Vietnam. Besides capacity building through theoretical and then practical training, GIZ 4E hopes that local consulting companies are able to showcase those newly-acquired competencies to potential customers  and expand  consulting activities in sugar industry and renewable energy sector as well as broaden network among bioenergy consultancy services and  with international donors for future cooperation and information exchange.

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