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Workshop on Wind Power Project Financing in Ho Chi Minh City


From 21-23 November 2016, the component “Capacity Development for Wind Power Project Development and Financing” under Support to the Up-scaling of Wind Power implements 5-day Workshop (Part 2) on “Wind Power Financing” at Saigon Prince Hotel (former Duxton Hotel),63 Nguyen Hue, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City


The five-day workshop “Wind Power Financing” offers its participants the opportunity of learning about wind power projects, their funding and financing and provides from a financial and commercial perspective an understanding on valuation or the appropriate amount of funding given the preferences.

Structure and Time Schedule

When randomly checking in advance the participants’ availability for a 1-week workshop it appeared that there is a significant number of participants, who have difficulties to join for a complete week due participants’ work load in office. Therefore we have considered how we can structure our content of the 1-week workshop in a way that more participants can join and still receive the complete conclusive content. Accordingly we split the complete workshop in two parts, means during the three day Part 1 we will cover 3/5 and during the two day Part 2 the remaining 2/5. The two parts of the workshop belong together. Part 1 is a prerequisite for Part 2. If someone wants to attend only Part 2, then he/she will probably have difficulties to follow and to understand. We would welcome very much if participants are able and willing to attend and register for both Part 1 + 2.

Target Groups

The five-day workshop on “Wind Power Financing” is targeted at professionals from the public and private sector working in the field of energy and finance who are interested in deepening economic and financial knowledge and skill of funding and evaluating wind power projects from different perspectives. These professionals may come from the following backgrounds:

  • Banks
  • Financing Institutions
  • Institutional Investors
  • Investment Funds
  • Project Developers with intention to Investment
  • Ministries
  • Regulators


The focus of the five-day workshop will be split in two parts: one part is on the practical process of financing (fund raising) a wind power project, the other part is on the process of fair valuation from the different perspectives of developers, lenders, investors and manufacturers to get an understanding of the financial needs of all involved stakeholders and of how much funding is appropriate. Experienced experts in the respective field will explain in detail economic, financial and practical aspects of funding or financing and evaluating wind power project based project contracts, project cash flows, their associated risks and regulatory or supplementary schemes giving the participants a broad understanding of the funding process, its delimitations, possible frictions and solutions. Furthermore, participants will learn to view wind power projects from a financing capital perspective, and understand which aspects and contractual clauses are critical when it comes to fund or finance to wind power projects. A special focus is taken on the valuation.


At the end of the workshop:

  • Participants will be familiar with the process of funding wind power projects;
  • Participants will be able to evaluate their investment and the critical associated risks;
  • Participants will have a basic understanding of the practical needs of lenders, investors and developers to fund wind power projects;
  • Participants will be able to assess the practical question of how much funding is appropriate or fair in financial terms.

Cost of Workshop:

The workshop is free of charge, lunch will be provided.

Language of Workshop:

The course materials are provided in English (will be sent early next week for reference) and the lecturers will present in English; translation of materials and simultaneous cabin interpretation is not foreseen yet. For efficient communication and transfer of know-how it is preferable that participants can understand and communicate in English, however, if required by multiple participants, then we shall adapt the concept accordingly.


The workshop lasts 3 days and 2 days from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Note: The courses start at punctual at 9:00 without delay.

Requirements for Participants

  • Fundamentals in accounting, finance and statistics
  • Participants should be willing to attend the whole workshop, to find solutions through group work, to present results and to discuss solutions
  • Participants should bring their own computers with Microsoft EXCEL software
  • Good English proficiency is an advantage
  • Fundamental knowledge of technology used in wind power is an advantage


  • The workshop will be held by Mr. Felix Hulsch, who since more than 10 years is working as financial expert at ENERTRAG AG, an independent wind power producer and wind power developer. His professional focus is on structured finance, portfolio risk management, project finance and statistical analysis. He is also since 2006 lecturer in the master of science for international finance and accounting at Berlin School of Economics in the fields of financial valuation, decision theory and capital markets. Moreover, he has been acting as lecturer in risk management at the MBA program at the banking academy in 2012 in Hanoi city. Since 2016, Mr. Hulsch is working for Renewables Academy (RENAC) AG ( in Berlin, Germany.
  • The workshop will be supported by our three local experts Dr. Nguyen The Mich, Mr. Nguyen Hoang Dung and Mr. Nguyen Ba Hai with their in-depth knowledge of the specificities of wind power in Vietnam, and by our Head of Component Capacity Development of the MOIT/GIZ Up-Scaling of Wind Power in Viet Nam project, Mr. Roland Ries with his more than 20 years of experience in wind farm project development as technical advisor on both Owner’s and Lender’s sides with a strong focus on Asia.


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