MOIT/GIZ Energy Support Programme

Together for a Better Energy Future

MOIT/GIZ Energy Support Programme

Together for a Better Energy Future

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Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (4E)



06/2015 - 02/2018

Commissioned by

Federal Ministry of Economic Development and Cooperation (BMZ)

A component on Climate Finance Readiness (CF Ready) is co-funded

by USAID and Czech Government


Vietnam Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT)

General Directorate of Energy (GDE)

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Bioenergy and Energy Efficiency in Viet Nam

While the project does include small activities on Solar PV, the focus in the sub-sector of renewable energy lies on bioenergy. The importance of agriculture to the country’s economy provides a large potential for the development of power production from bioenergy in Viet Nam. Biomass from the agriculture and forestry sectors can generate the equivalent of 10 million tons of oil per year. Annual potential for energy from biogas, which can be collected from landfills, animal excrements and agriculture residues, is . In its PDP VII revised of March 2016, the Government of Viet Nam has set out the targets for the production of electricity from biomass to be 1% of the total power generation by 2020 and 2.1% by 2030 respectively.  With regard to energy efficiency, the PDP VII revised identifies an energy saving potential of 10% of total electricity consumption by 2020. 


The Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (4E) Project

The objective of the 4E project is to further develop legal and regulatory preconditions and related capacities for investment in renewable energy and energy efficiency. The two fields of cooperation under the 4E project, Energy” and “Energy Efficiency”, are equally important and both incorporate the need for a switch towards supply and a more efficient use of energy resourcecooperation consists of three action areas, each geared towards the development of the sub-sectors and the facilitation of (in particular private sector) investment.


Action Area 1


Legal and Regulatory Framework Conditions

At the policy level, MOIT and GIZ work jointly on improving Legal and Regulatory Frameworks. The partner will be given professional support in the development of policy design for renewable energy, especially for bioenergy and solar. Activities include support to national and provincial solid biomass planning, a macro-economic cost-benefit analysis of RE sources, investment guidelines for biomass and waste to energy, as well as the evelopment of a potential financing mechanism for bio energy projects. 



Action Area 2


Capacity Development 

As the market of RE is at an early stage, Action area 2 contributes to raising the skills needed for stakeholders  through trainings and other education activities. Capacity needs assessments as well as various short term formal and on-the-job trainings for policy makers, project developers and investors, as well as local consulting companies are designed and implemented for the promotion of a sustainable bio energy sector development.    


Action Area 3


Technology Cooperation

The action area on technology cooperation is based on the notion that adequate technology transfer and the involvement of the private sector lead to locally adapted and most suitable technical solutions and business models for RE production. As a result, project activities include a wide range of market information dissemination activities – such as stakeholder dialogues, information fora and workshops on.


Action Area 1


Legal and Regulatory Framework Conditions

The improvement of energy audit procedures as well as energy management and monitoring for increased energy savings is the main focus of this action area. Activities include a review of the current EE regulatory framework and existing energy audits for gaps identification and better energy audit quality; the development of an EE database for better monitoring and management.


Action Area 2


Capacity Development

Activities in the area of capacity development include e.g.: a capacity (needs) assessment of energy service providers and, on the basis of the assessment, the development of a respective capacity development programme; training on systematical stocktaking and data-analysis as well as on the monitoring of the effectiveness of EE support mechanisms; training on the application of best practices and proven standards for successful energy audit services to businesses who wish to invest in EE measures.

Action Area 3


Technology Cooperation

Technology cooperation is being facilitated notably through the organization of study tours and – where feasible – match-making of research organizations as well as private sector companies to reinforce collaboration between Vietnamese and German actors. ​


If you have any questions regarding the project, please contact Ms. Sonia Lioret, Head of Component – Renewable Energy at:; or Ms. Nguyen Tuong Khanh - Senior Project Officer at: for more information.

Fact file - Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency


​This fact file provides an overview of the Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency project, its duration, objectives, and main activities and results.

Summary of Policy Guidelines for Developing Support Mechanisms for Grid-connected Bioenergy Power in Viet Nam


​This document summarizes the current status and potential of bioenergy in Vietnam and proposes different support mechanisms for bioenergy power generation.

Municipal Solid Waste Management in Vietnam: Status and the Strategic Actions


This paper attempts to analyze the present system of MSW addressing variety of aspects such as quantity and composition of MSW generation, operational management, legal system as well as financial aspect.

Application of solid wWaste treatment technology in Vietnam: Challenges in Grid-connected waste-to-energy project




CIRCULAR on Project development, Avoided Cost Tariff and Standardized Power Purchase Agreement for biomass power projects

DECISION 24: 24/ 2014/QĐ-TTg


DECISION on the support mechanism for the development of biomass power projects in Vietnam



DECISION on Promulgation of Regulation on Avoided Cost Tariff for 2016 Biomass Power Projects



CIRCULAR on project development and Standardized Power Purchase Agreement for power generation projects using solid wastes



DECISION on support mechanism for the development of power generation projects using solid waste(s) in Vietnam

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