MOIT/GIZ Energy Support Programme

Together for a Better Energy Future

MOIT/GIZ Energy Support Programme

Together for a Better Energy Future

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Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (4E)



06/2015 - 02/2018

Commissioned by

Federal Ministry of Economic Development and Cooperation (BMZ)

A component on Climate Finance Readiness (CF Ready) is co-funded

by USAID and Czech Government


Vietnam Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT)

Electricity and Renewable Energy Authority

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The Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (4E) Project

The objective of the 4E project is to further develop legal and regulatory preconditions and related capacities for investment in renewable energy and energy efficiency. The two fields of cooperation under the 4E project, Energy” and “Energy Efficiency”, are equally important and both incorporate the need for a switch towards supply and a more efficient use of energy resourcecooperation consists of three action areas, each geared towards the development of the sub-sectors and the facilitation of (in particular private sector) investment.

Action Area 1

Legal and Regulatory Framework Conditions

The project supports MOIT in improving the regulatory framework in order to establish comprehensive planning and facilitate the private sector investment. Activities include the preparation of a national biomass planning, a national solar assessment, and development of biomass and waste-to-energy investment guidelines.


Action Area 2

Capacity Development 

The take-up of renewable energy requires to train national and provincial governmental officers, investors, banks and consultancy companies on these new technologies. Activities include exchange between policy makers and professionals from other countries, formal training on policy and technical issues.  


Action Area 3

Technology Cooperation

The project aims at establishing links between investors and technology providers of appropriate technologies and providing up-to-date technology information including German know-how. The activities include match-making and technology exchanges.

Action Area 1

Legal and Regulatory Framework Conditions

The project aims at providing comprehensive information on the past National Energy Efficiency Program in order to support the policy makers to accelerate energy efficiency efforts of energyintensive industrial companies. Activities include the review of the regulatory framework and the analysis of past energy audits.

Action Area 2

Capacity Development

The project aims at supporting national and provincial government officers in enforcing and improving EE mandatory measures and supporting energy-intensive companies to implement EE measures. Activities include training of provincial department of industry and trades, training energy auditors, and piloting an energy efficiency network in an industrial park.

Action Area 3

Technology Cooperation

Access to information of cost-efficient and up-to-date technologies as well as new policy development in the field of EE is needed for policy makers and investors to accelerate energy savings. Activities include organization of match-making, participation in international and national conferences and exchange with policy makers and professionals from other countries.

If you have any questions regarding the project, please contact Ms. Sonia Lioret, Head of Component – Renewable Energy at: for more information.

Fact file - Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency


​This fact file provides an overview of the Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency project, its duration, objectives, and main activities and results.

Summary of Policy Guidelines for Developing Support Mechanisms for Grid-connected Bioenergy Power in Viet Nam


​This document summarizes the current status and potential of bioenergy in Vietnam and proposes different support mechanisms for bioenergy power generation.

Municipal Solid Waste Management in Vietnam: Status and the Strategic Actions


This paper attempts to analyze the present system of MSW addressing variety of aspects such as quantity and composition of MSW generation, operational management, legal system as well as financial aspect.

Application of solid wWaste treatment technology in Vietnam: Challenges in Grid-connected waste-to-energy project




CIRCULAR on Project development, Avoided Cost Tariff and Standardized Power Purchase Agreement for biomass power projects

DECISION 24: 24/ 2014/QĐ-TTg


DECISION on the support mechanism for the development of biomass power projects in Vietnam



DECISION on Promulgation of Regulation on Avoided Cost Tariff for 2016 Biomass Power Projects



CIRCULAR on project development and Standardized Power Purchase Agreement for power generation projects using solid wastes



DECISION on support mechanism for the development of power generation projects using solid waste(s) in Vietnam

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