GIZ Energy Support Programme

Together for a Better Energy Future

GIZ Energy Support Programme

Together for a Better Energy Future

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TSV Investment

Technical experts

17 Unit C, Huynh Tan Phat, Phu Thuan Ward, Dist.7, HCMC
Tel: +84 8377 308 84
Fax: +84 8377 308 83

Contact: Mr. Do Van Dien - CEO
Contact Tel: +84 8 37730884

After more than ten years of development, from a newly established company, now it has become an investment company of multi-sector business with reputation in the domestic and foreign market.

Currently, TSV JSC has eight subsidiaries in Vietnam and a representative in Singapore, including Joint venture companies and affiliated companies for investment  in areas such as renewable energy (wind power; solar power; garbage power ; biomass ...), real estate, forestry, production of wood pellets, animal husbandry, ship recycling, construction and sale of petroleum, transport, trade and services .... in which a number of projects have had joint ventures, investment cooperation with large international economic groups such as Ingeteam Industry Group of Spain; Luxco Korea; IndochinaCapital, The Blue Circle; Danieli; Euronavy International; POYRY Energy ...

Especially, TSV is one of the major investors, a pioneer in investing in projects on renewable energy in Vietnam and other countries in the region

Representative projects:

- Dam Nai wind power project.
- Phuoc Ninh wind power project.
- Phuoc Minh wind power project.
- Quan The solar project.
-  Ninh Hai solar project


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