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Map of Renewable Energy Projects in Viet Nam

byGIZon 3rd Aug, 2016

You are looking for data on renewable energy projects in Viet Nam? You are receiving conflicting information? Online sources are missing, inaccessible or unreliable? The MOIT/GIZ Energy Support Programme is here to help!


We have received quite a number of questions about the development status of the wind, solar PV and biomass sectors in Viet Nam. Project developers want to identify potential locations for renewable energy projects, however find the process difficult due to limited publicly available information. Investors inquire about the number of existing projects and the stakeholders involved. Researchers and students wonder about the total installed capacity and the technology that can be used.


We often share that there are currently three wind projects in operation, and one solar PV plant under construction in Viet Nam. While this is true, it does not reflect the existence of a multitude of projects that are also underway, though at different stages of implementation. 


Where are these projects exactly? What is their capacity? Which technology do they use? When will they start operating?


To answer these questions, our dedicated team at the Energy Support Programme has created an online Viet Nam Renewable Energy Projects Map.


Through news research, exchanges with our partners, and discussions with project developers, we have identified approximatively 30 wind projects and 1 Solar PV project that are currently underway nationwide, collected key facts and data on these, and compiled them on an interactive and user-friendly map.


Soon, we will also integrate into the Map the approved Provincial Wind Power Development Plans, which identify specific sites dedicated to wind energy projects.


The Map is a work in progress: we will keep updating it as we gather new information and as new renewable energy opportunities arise in Viet Nam. Please visit our website to stay informed about the latest development of the sector. And from now on, we hope that you always find what you are looking for!


The GIZ Energy Support Team

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