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Together for a Better Energy Future

GIZ Energy Support Programme

Together for a Better Energy Future

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Bioenergy Expert Desk – Ask Us Anything!

What is our goal? Providing ad hoc support for stakeholders in the bioenergy sector, connecting world-class experts and peers for the sustainable development of bioenergy market in Viet Nam.

Do you ask yourself the following?

  • How does a biomass/biogas power plant work?
  • What is needed in the designing of bioenergy power projects?
  • What important factors to keep in mind when considering technology providers?
  • What aspects should and should not be included in a feasibility study? What questions should be asked to the technology providers?
  • And so on …

We can support you in answering any of the above-mentioned questions and find individual solutions suitable for your case.

What do we offer?

  • The bioenergy expert desk provides assistance and supports stakeholders in the bioenergy sector on the following topics:
  • Scientific background.
  • Policy and regulatory framework.
  • Pre-feasibility assessment.
  • Environmental sustainability.
  • Methods and strategies for mobilizing private and public investment.
  • Economic assessment.
  • Technology assessment

​​​Total timeframe: May 2021-December 2022

How do you submit a request?

 Please fill your information in the ‘Request Form’ at the end of this post.

Who provides the support?

  • A team of international and national experts is available to answer your request. We can provide expertise along the value chain of a bioenergy project realization. Depending on the topic of your request, we will choose one of the following experts to provide consultancy.
  • Please note: the local expert team is being recruited. In the meantime, the international expert team will take care of all requests.
  • For more detailed information about our experts : View here 


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